Eileen Borris, Ed.D.
Marriage Counseling & Couples Therapy

If you’re seeking more intimacy in your current relationship, want to improve communication or are considering separating from your partner, you may want to consider marriage counseling or couples therapy. During counseling, we will focus on your relationship or marriage. The process will support personal introspection and self-reflection to help resolve issues.

When is Therapy Recommended?​​

If you find that you’re often unhappy in your relationship, you’ll want to consider therapy sooner rather than later. Many couples wait far to long in seeking out therapy, which can make it more difficult to repair your relationship.

What Will Therapy Help You Accomplish?

During therapy, we will primarily focus on the issues troubling each partner in the relationship and on the communication patterns that could be creating conflict. For example, if the couple tends to argue and then never find a resolution they can both agree on, therapy will help them develop better ways of communicating and can help find amicable solutions to problems. During marriage counselling or couples therapy, each partner will learn how to manage their emotions, stay calm and use healthy communication skills to help them succeed as a couple.

What Will be Required of You
For couple’s counseling or marital therapy to work, commitment by both partners is very important for therapy to be effective and be open to what is being discussed during therapy. They must be willing to understand their role in the relationship if they want it to work. Conflicts may arise during therapy, but, I can help each of you smooth those out as they arise. Couples usually come to sessions together or, when necessary as part of the process, see me individually.
Here’s How I Can Help
With an emphasis on interpersonal and problem-solving therapies, I will teach partners to identify the thoughts and behaviors that may prevent them from living the life they want. I will assist them in changing their communication patterns in order to achieve a more enriching and fulfilling relationship.
There are circumstances when the best option is separation or divorce. In such cases, I can also aid couples in amicably ending their relationship.